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This is Cage Free

Uncaged. Hardly Free.

Never Outdoors

There are no requirements for Cage Free hens to have outdoor access. They live permanently indoors without ever stepping foot on grass or seeing actual sunlight.

1 Hen per Square Foot

Cage Free facilities are allowed a stocking density of 1 hen per square foot. Imagine 700 chickens in your 2 car garage.



Because of the stress from overcrowding and inability to behave naturally, industrial "farms" burn off the tips of hens' beaks to prevent them from cannibalizing one another.


NY Times - Eggs That Clear the Cages, but Maybe not the Conscience

UEP Guidelines - 2017 Edition

This is Free Range

Ambiguity Reigns

Conjuring Up False 

While the term may sound like hens are allowed to roam open pastures, in reality the only requirement for companies to label their eggs as free range is to provide their hens with "outdoor access".