New Prices and Order Minimums

Updated: Aug 12

We're making some changes that will take effect August 21, 2020.

New egg prices:

Small - $4/dozen

Medium - Jumbo - $6/dozen

Our new order minimum for Friday Home Delivery will be $20

Why The New Egg Prices?

We're confident our feed and management standards combine to bring you the best eggs possible, but they come at a cost. As we round out our second year, we've learned that to maintain those standards and ensure the future of B&C Farm, moving to $6/dozen is necessary. We've tried to provide some clarity on the reasoning for that need below.

We're Opting Out

We started selling eggs with the hope of giving our Abilene community an authentic product not available anywhere else, while still being competitive with Big Egg prices at the stores. We feel we've succeeded in the former, but it was a mistake to ever attempt the latter.

The USDA has no legal definition for pasture raised, so while you can find "pasture raised" labels in the stores, it's almost guaranteed that those eggs come from hens who live in barns with "access" to the outdoors. No matter how large of an area you give a chicken, they will only range so far away from their shelter, feed, and water. If you keep those stationary, you keep birds stationary, ultimately negating any benefits of a truly pasture based system.

So, we're opting out. Corporate farms can co-opt a label, but they can't compete with the quality and taste of a real pastured egg. It's time we trust our supporters to recognize the difference.

Moving to USDA Grade A

You've probably noticed some changes to our labels over the last month. That's because we're transitioning to selling all of our eggs as USDA Grade A. Texas, despite all we love about it, is rather unfriendly to small egg producers. We are one of the few states that prohibits the sale of ungraded eggs to retail establishments like restaurants and grocery stores. As we continue to grow, relationships with retail partners becomes necessary. After all, there's only so many deliveries we can make in a day. We're thrilled to be able to work with establishments like Cordell's to give you greater convenience, but the trade off is we add a lot of expense in both labor and packaging to USDA standards.

Why The New Order Minimum?

As we gain experience, we're learning the true cost of offering home delivery. We want B&C Farm to be around for many years to come. To do that, we have to make sure we're accounting for those costs. We feel moving to a $20 order minimum is the right step in that direction.

For many, this new minimum doesn't have much effect. But, for you folks that just want an occasional dozen eggs, we know even our $10 minimum wasn't always convenient. We're grateful for every purchase, and we wanted to make sure we didn't overburden you with a new minimum until we could offer other options. Thanks to our partnership with Cordell's, we finally feel like we have a solution for you to get a dozen or two anytime you'd like during the week, no minimum required.

We appreciate each and every one of you for being a part of the B&C Farm. Your support helps build a sustainable, resilient food system that's healthy for the land, animals, and people.

From the Farm,

Brittany & Chris


(325) 829-1095

B&C Farm